Container trailer liability insurance, CTL for short, is interesting if you regularly rent or borrow containers, trailers etc. This insurance covers damage or loss of such rented equipment.

Safe on the road with rented containers

A CTL policy covers all rented semi-trailers, containers, trailers and container chassis that suffer damage en route. Consider, for example, a fire or the loss of rented items. This insurance is not specific to a location and can be applied to claims in the Netherlands and/or abroad. The CTL insurance also intervenes when the damage occurs during freight transport between different countries.

What is covered?

  • Loss or damage by fire, collision, explosion or lightning strike
  • Legal and contractual liability towards the owner
  • Breakdown costs and additional costs, such as salvage and security costs, are also insured.

We insure an amount of € 25,000 in first risk here as standard.

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