Occupational Accident Insurance

As soon as you employ one staff member, occupational accident insurance is required by law in Belgium. The insurance intervenes in various areas when an accident occurs.This insurance can be expanded with numerous additional coverages so that the content is 100% tailored to your business activities and employees.

Your certainty in the event of an accident at work

In a nutshell, this insurance can of course be used for accidents in the workplace or on the way to and from work (via the normal route), but in itself an industrial accident insurance offers much more. There are a number of standard guarantees that ensure that the insurance is fully in line with our modern society.

  • Cohabiting partner: in the event of the death of an employee, the cohabiting partner is equated with the spouse.
  • Working at home: accidents in the context of working at home are insured.
  • Assignment 24/24: Accidents during temporary assignments, whether or not abroad, are covered.
  • Sporting and other events: There is an intervention in case of accidents during or on the way to/from an event that you organize or in which your employees participate.

What is covered?

  • Medical expenses
  • Temporary incapacity for work
  • Permanent incapacity for work
  • Death as a result of an accident

Calculate your premium for the package here

You can easily calculate the premium for your insurance here.