An omnium insurance is extremely useful for commercial vehicles. There are a number of specific coverages, such as damage caused by cargo. In addition, the omnium obviously does what it is supposed to do: cover its own damage.

Tailored to the transport sector

A new truck or tractor? Omnium insurance covers a lot of possible damage. An amount is set in advance as a limit for the intervention via the first risk cover system. Any breakdown and repatriation costs are also included in the policy. You can also count on omnium for each day that the vehicle cannot be used (loss).

What is covered?

  • Own damage, glass breakage, fire, theft, natural forces
  • Special extensions for transport:
    • Hook swinging
    • Loss and embezzlement
    • Tilt and flip
    • Damage caused by cargo
  • A small omnium is also possible, this does not cover the own damage

Calculate your premium for the package here

You can easily calculate the premium for your insurance here.